In just a few short years, MPI Oilfield has become the premier choice for above- and below-ground pipeline fabrication, installation and maintenance throughout Alberta’s heavy oil belt. Few companies can provide the full set of services that MPI Oilfield offers its customers; fewer still can match MPI’s record for cost control, efficiency and quality.

PROJECT 1: Mechanical Maintenance

Client: Devon Energy Services Provided: Mechanical maintenance servicesOngoing

Description: Contract includes mechanical maintenance of all field rotating equipment.

PROJECT 2: Install six-inch pipeline

Client: AltaGas Ltd. Services Provided: Install new six-inch fuel gas line Completed: November 2013

Description: Install new six-inch, below-ground fuel gas line for Baytex Energy’s Gemini SAGD pilot project.

PROJECT 3: Abandonment Program

Client: Cenovus Energy Services Provided: Well and pipeline abandonment and reclamation services Completed: 2014

Description: Various pipeline abandonments and reclamation work. (75 well abandonments per program.)

PROJECT 4: Facility Work

Client: Progress Energy Canada Ltd. Services Provided: Facility work, new separator installation Completed: February 2014

Description: Installed a new separator package and above-ground pipeline tie in.

PROJECT 5: Sustaining Above-Ground Pipeline

Client: Cenovus FCCL Services Provided: Installation of new above ground trunk lines and laterals in the Christina Lake SAGD area Completed: December 2015

Description: Construction of a 1.2-kilometre, 16-inch, above-ground-pipeline trunkline and two pipeline laterals.

PROJECT 6: Centrifuge Construction

Client: Canadian Natural Resources Limited Services Provided: Fabrication, construction, installation Completed: January 2016

Description: Centrifuge construction and tie-in for Beartrap Lindbergh cleaning facility.

PROJECT 7: Foster Creek Offsites 2014 Above-Ground Pipeline

Client: Cenovus FCCL Services Provided: Mechanical construction of lateral piping Completed: July 2016

Description: Construction of four 16-inch pipeline laterals, each 1.42 kilometres  in length.

PROJECT 8: Lindbergh Phase 2 Pipeline re-route

Client: Pengrowth Energy Services Provided: Re-route and commission existing water lines Completed: September 2016

Description: Re-route two six-inch water disposal lines and an eight-inch fresh water line (HDPE) line. Assist with liner pull on two-inch steel lines. Commission pipelines.

PROJECT 9: Pengrowth Maintenance Contract

Client: Pengrowth Energy Services Provided: Field and plant mechanical servicesOngoing

Description: Plant and field mechanical work associated with ongoing maintenance, construction, commissioning, facility enhancements and shutdowns.

PROJECT 10: Husky Tucker Thermal Maintenance Contract

Client: Husky Energy Services Provided: Mechanical maintenance, minor capitalOngoing

Description: Contract includes mechanical maintenance of facilities; and all small-capital projects within the facility and the field.

PROJECT 11: Foster Creek Offsites 2014 Project (East Trunk E22 and E26)

Client: Cenovus FCCL Services Provided: Structural supports for, plus installation of, above-ground steam pipe; emulsion, casing-gas, and fuel-gas lines; and valve-station fabrication and installation. Ongoing

Description: Construction of a 2.4-kilometre, 24-inch, above-ground pipeline trunk line. Construction of two 12-inch, above-ground pipeline laterals.

PROJECT 12: Echo Midstream Integrity Inspection Program

Client: Canadian Natural Resources Limited Services Provided: Pipeline inspections and repairOngoing

Description: Exposing below-ground pipelines in various locations, working around live lines, sandblasting, inspecting for corrosion and pitting, tapping, and coating. Reclaiming land back to a usable top surface.

PROJECT 13: Pumpjack Maintenance Contract

Client: Canadian Natural Resources Limited Services Provided: Maintenance Ongoing

Description: Contract includes maintenance of all pumpjacks for Wolf Lake Primrose fields.